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A wealth manager for millennials.

A platform that helps couples integrate their finances and achieve their goals, together.

A blockchain-based, commercial payments network transforming the B2B cash cycle.

A payment platform that gives shoppers the choice to pay for their purchases via four simple, interest-free installments.

A platform that helps businesses better discover, buy and use software.

Past Classes


SmartGift provides product e-gifting built for millennial commerce that transforms the consumer experience. SmartGift’s solution alleviates the stress of buying for others while enabling the retailers to offer thoughtful giving as part of the gift. With SmartGift’s solution, the Gift Giver can buy an item that is thoughtful and personal, and the receiver has the freedom to customize or exchange for something else in a retailer’s product range, all before the item ships.

Papaya brings bill payment into the 21st century! Just snap a photo of virtually any paper bill, including medical bills, DMV fees, traffic tickets, parking citations, phone bills and others, and Papaya does the rest. No more making phone calls, mailing paper checks, or manually entering information into bill pay. Pay with a snap with Papaya!

Earny is a personal assistant that automatically gets you money back on almost every purchase you make. He is taking advantage of the price protection benefit that is offered by the major credit card issuers and e-commerce stores. Earny works on your behalf and gets the money that is owed to you by automatically tracking your online purchases, finding better prices and filing the claim on your behalf. Just set and forget and Earny gets you money!

Over $1 trillion in independent contractor income annually in the U.S. is locked in a 30, 60 or 90 day invoicing cycle and individual and business expenses don’t wait for an invoice to get paid. With Qwil, independent contractors can avoid the invoicing cycle and get paid instantly. Qwil is a B-Corp dedicated to providing independent contractors with the financial tools they need to thrive – because they’re people, not vendors.

Truebill is the easiest way to find subscriptions, track bills, and cancel recurring payments. To use Truebill, simply connect your bank account or credit card statement and instantly see everything you’re paying for on a recurring basis. Any unwanted subscriptions can be cancelled with just a few clicks, and no headaches.

Intelligent customer on-boarding (KYC/AML/risk) platform for financial services companies to convert more customers for financial services companies by providing access to more data through which to identify them.

Float is a mobile app that offers instant access to a virtual credit card on a mobile with only a bank account required and no credit check, no-FICO based credit scoring model, and instant issuance of digital cards.

Transactions in the legal industry are stuck in the 90’s and typically involve long payment cycles – Headnote provides a billing platform for the entire B2B legal industry to transact transparently, automate non-billable work, and finally say goodbye to paper checks.

Apostrophe brings big company benefits to self-insured employers of any size. Apostrophe aligns its revenue model with cost savings for the employer. By replacing the 3rd party administrator with an advocate Apostrophe drastically reduces healthcare costs and delivers a benefit that employees love.
Blueprint Registry

Blueprint Registry allows users to shop from a variety of top retailers using visual floorplans and create a socially relevant way to ask for and receive cash gifts for positive life events: weddings, babies, homes, birthdays and graduations.

Powered by an API-driven architecture, Finix’s processing platform manages the entire payment lifecycle of push-to-card disbursements by consolidating risk management, compliance, reporting and reconciliation into one managed solution.

Candex is the easy way businesses engage, track and pay service vendors. Partners can collaborate in the company’s app environment, and when it’s time for a transaction, Candex provides the paying organization a fully compliant invoice and directly takes care of the vendor.

WayPay streamlines the accounts payable process for businesses by connecting to any AP system and automatically reconciling payments sent to local or international suppliers from any combination of bank and credit card accounts.

Teampay products enable businesses to request, approve, pay for and track employee purchasing in real-time. Using a combination of a web interface and a natural language-processing chatbot, Teampay ties each expenditure to a virtual card that can be approved through a single click, over Slack, on your phone, or via the web. It’s the first purchasing software built for modern, technology-enabled businesses.
FutureFuel exists to crush student debt via a B2B2C SaaS platform that makes student debt repayment and refi easy for the enterprise. Introducing a new category of employer-sponsored financial health and wellness benefit, empowers organizations of all sizes to attract and retain scarce talent while enabling students and growing professionals to go beyond – beyond debt, into wealth.

Domuso is a consumer finance company offering a unique blend of point-of-sale financing plus modern payment capabilities to renters living at multifamily apartments. The company’s solution enables renters to finance their move-in payment upon signing a new lease; spreading out this large expense over more affordable monthly installments.

Pay any bill in a few seconds by taking a picture of it or forwarding it to Roger via email. Automate your accounts payable from your pocket with approval flows and accounting system integrations built in.

AppZen leverages big data and AI to provide automated expense report creation and real time compliance and audit of every line item of expense.

Footmarks is a secure enterprise BLE-based beacon technology platform to bring creative experiences and digital intelligence to physical spaces.

Nowsta is a workforce management platform that allows companies to optimize and schedule part-time workers, and employees to get paid out right after their shift.

Apruve is the first B2B payment gateway, offering a turnkey corporate account management solution to online merchants looking to streamline their current, offline heavy, A/R process.

SnapUp is a smartphone app and e-commerce platform that enables users to collect and track products through screenshots.

Gone is a mobile app that allows users to sell unwanted items with just the snap of a picture. Upload a photo, accept an offer, schedule a pickup, and get paid.

SpendLabs is a mobile first solution for corporate card management and expense reporting for small and medium-size businesses.

LocalMaven facilitates the giving and tracking of word-of-mouth referrals, providing a win-win-win for everyone involved. Businesses grow, referrers earn rewards, and new customers get a great deal.

Slide allows you to liquidate unused gift card balances and transfer them directly to a destination account of your choice.

CardFlight provides mobile point-of-sale tools and technology for merchants to accept credit card payments on mobile devices with any merchant account.

Dash is changing the way customers order and pay at restaurants and bars. Customers can view, split, and pay their check directly from their mobile devices leveraging BLE technology.

PayByGroup is a leading group payments platform that integrates directly with online merchants as a checkout option, enabling friends and family to pay together for shared purchases.

PennyOwl is a digital allowance app that provides a safe and secure environment for kids to manage their savings, spend in an online store you control, and develop money skills from an early age.
Standard Treasury

Standard Treasury builds commercial and wholesale banking API’s to enable next generation financial technology and services.

Splitwise is a mobile and web-app making it easy and simple to keep track of shared expenses and IOU’s. Popular amongst roommates, couples and travel companions.


“The program was great. It opened doors to new partnerships, to industry expertise, and provided valuable social validation for potential partners and investors.”

Seamus Matthews


“It was a game changer: we’re achieving milestones that would be impossible for us to afford without the help of some of the most experienced and connected people in the industry.”

Nico Bayerque


“Commerce Innovated provided us with valuable insights and a game plan to work with enterprise level merchants. The whole team was great to work with!”

Camilo Acosta


“The program has been nothing short of a game-changer for our company. The access to relevant industry experts and cutting-edge payment capabilities has been hugely beneficial.”

Mike Morris


“Commerce Innovated has been a great experience. We got access to resources across the organizations and introductions to a wide range of prospective customers and industry partners.”

Derek Webster